Free Them All is a coalition between TCAC, Tallahassee Dream Defenders, the Tallahassee Bail Fund and the Tallahassee Democratic Socialists of America. We formed as an emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis in the Leon County Detention Facility. 


Human beings cannot thrive or, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, survive in cages. The solution is intentional abolitionist organizing focused on dismantling the oppressive criminal legal system that disposes of people and separates families. We are not interested in reforming the system’s cruelty. Instead, we work together to create the world our community deserves by:


• Connecting with incarcerated people to align organizing on the outside with demands and action by those on the inside 

• Documenting and publicizing the harms of mass criminalization in all its forms

• Pushing our elected officials to be accountable to the people

• Liberating our friends, family, community members, and ourselves from policing, imprisonment, and surveillance 

• Improving the conditions faced by people on the inside while we build long term power

• Divesting from our entire criminal legal system 

• Building the supports and services that help our loved ones get free and stay free


Mass criminalization is no accident. The expansion of prisons, policing, and surveillance over the last 40 years is directly tied to repressing the gains of the Civil Rights movement and controlling people, especially Black people. We follow in the footsteps of southern freedom fighters and will not sit by while the intertwined forces of racism and capitalism lock our people up.

Free Them All wants to hear your story! 

We’re seeking information about COVID-19 policies, access to health care, access to communication and treatment of people inside. Information sent to us will be kept confidential unless we get your permission to share. Please text or leave a voicemail at (850) 270-3030, email FreeThemAll@tallycac.com or send us a letter at P.O. Box 20791, Tallahassee, FL 32316.


We welcome new members and partnerships. If you are interested in joining us, either as an individual or a coalition organization, please fill out this form.