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Welcome to the Fascist State of Florida (SATIRE/HUMOR)

A semi-humorous exploration of the many sins of Ron DeSantis By Erica Leshay

Part 1: COVID-19 and Culture Wars

On the 11th day of January, in the Year of Our Lord Janelle Monáe 2022, Ronald Dion DeSantis stood before the Florida Legislature (with a straight face) and said: “Together we have made Florida the freest state in these United States. While so many around the country have consigned the people’s rights to the graveyard, Florida has stood as freedom’s vanguard.

In Florida, we have protected the right of our citizens to earn a living, provided our businesses with the ability to prosper, fought back against unconstitutional federal mandates and ensured our kids have the opportunity to thrive. Florida has become the escape hatch for those chafing under authoritarian, arbitrary and seemingly never-ending mandates and restrictions.”

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