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Our Work

Tallahassee Community Action Committee is about direct action and community impact - so, these are some of the wins! With your help, we can get many more!

Stopping a Police Station!

Stopping the South Side Police Station that would create further food desertification.

Civilian Police Review Board

We were the main catalyst for the Civilian Review Board (CPRB). The CPRB is a board that we intend to provide an opportunity to hold the police accountable for their misconduct and inaction.

Constant Rallies for Justice!

Lead rallies totalling hundreds of attendees from 2019 to now supporting justice, equality and a better world.

Investigation of a Police Chief

Created conditions for the DOJ to investigate Killer Chief of TPD Police Lawrence Revell for homophobia.

Justice for Students!

Got racist Don Crandall arrested and fired for pulling a gun on FAMU Students!

And so much more...

Donate Now to Help Us Win and Create a Better Tomorrow!

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