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Justice for Mychael Johnson

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On March 20th, 2020 Mychael Johnson’s life was stolen by Tallahassee Police Department officer Zackri Jones. Mychael Johnson, a loving father of four, son and sibling, is survived by two sisters and a brother. His family desperately seeks answers while receiving nothing but radio silence from TPD who killed another unarmed black man.

“I think that there is way more to the story that we aren’t getting and the small details that we have received just doesn’t sound like him at all, it’s just not sitting well and adding up with the family,” Johnson’s sister Mildred Richardson said. “I want people to know what type of person that he was, I don’t want his name to go in vain, and I also want people to be more aware of the police violence against the Black community, and that if we all stick together so many things can be accomplished.” Click here to read more.

Much about this incident is still unclear. We are calling on TPD, City Commission and the State Attorney to:

  • Release any body cam or dash cam footage

  • Commit to an independent investigation controlled by community members and not TPD itself

Here are a few ways you help support our effort and Mychael Johnson’s family

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