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Justice for Tampa 5

Call Now to Defend Diversity! Students shouldn't be expelled for protesting Ron DeSantis's racist attacks on education. Call 813-974-8618 and speak up! Check out the photos to learn more! #JusticeforTampa5 #HB999 #USF

This week, the University of South Florida is carrying out hearings to penalize students for defending diversity and ethnic studies on campus, with the potential consequence of suspension or even expulsion. Contact the school now to ask them to halt these violations of student rights - it is not a crime to protect diversity, ethnic studies, or women's studies! Dial the numbers listed below to make your voice heard:

Melissa Graham, Student Code of Conduct Director: 813-974-8618.

Student Code of Conduct Office: 813-974-9443.

Rhea Law, US President: 813-417-5292.

When you call, please express your opposition to USF's treatment of protesters Gia Davila, Lauren Pineiro, and Jeanie Kida on March 6th. These individuals were rightfully utilizing their freedom of speech by advocating for ethnic studies and diversity, yet they were subjected to an unjustified attack by the police. Penalizing them - especially suspension or expulsion - is an infringement of their First Amendment rights and must be stopped.

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