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Remote Learning Only in Leon County Schools

Take two minutes and write an email to Superintendent Hanna and LCSB today!

COVID-19 positivity rates in Leon County continue to rise at extremely high levels and the county has already lost two school staff members, one only 19 years old. People are dying and schools have not even opened and still the Leon County School Board and Superintendent Rocky Hanna continue push for in-person brick and mortar school opening in August. Send an email to tell them that you want REMOTE LEARNING ONLY for our students, staff and teachers until we have 14 consecutive days of COVID-19 positive testing rates below 5%. It is NOT safe to have students and staff inside closed buildings with COVID19 positive rates so high in the county. Send an email to Superintendent Rocky Hanna, Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle, and Leon County School Board Members demanding that they protect our kids, school staff and community by promoting online remote learning until the COVID-19 numbers are safe.

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