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Are Cops Above The Law? - A Petition Towards Police Accountability

The current culture in the Tallahassee Police Department has been marred by injustice and a lack of accountability. There have been allegations of corruption, misconduct and negligence. Even worse, it was recently discovered that one of their officers was involved in illegal drug use while on the job.

This is an egregious breach of public trust and an affront to our justice system. No law enforcement officer should be above the law, yet it appears that the Tallahassee Police Department has failed to hold its officer accountable for his wrongdoings. This injustice and hypocrisy must end.

Sign our petition to call on Jack Campbell, State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit to launch an investigation into the illicit drug use of one of their officers. We also demand that the officer be held to the same standard of justice that all of us should be held to and that the Tallahassee Police Department no longer allow its officers to act with impunity.

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