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Justice for Mychael Johnson, Tony McDade, and all victims of TPD violence

In 1996 TPD Officer Lawrence Revell murdered George “Lil Nuke” Williams, an unarmed black 19-year old. Not only did Revell face no punishment but was awarded and promoted up the ranks of TPD. He was appointed in December 2019 by City Manager Reese Goad despite protests by Lil Nuke’s family and the community. The City Commission accepted Revell’s appointment.

Since Revell took office his police force has murdered 3 people.

On March 20th Mychael Johnson, an unarmed black father of four was killed by two-time killer cop TPD officer Zackri Jones. For weeks Mychael Johnson’s family and the community have been speaking out, calling-in, writing emails and protesting demanding transparency and justice. State Attorney Jack Campbell has refused to press charges against Zackri Jones and along with Lawrence Revell is refusing to release the video tape from that night.

On May 27th Tony McDade, a black trans man, was brutally gunned down in the middle of the day by unknown TPD officers. Hundreds of people have taken to the streets in Tallahassee for days on end demanding justice, while hundreds of thousands of people have petitioned and emailed local officials. Yet again Jack Campbell is refusing the press charges or release video tape, while Lawrence Revell has refused to even release the name of the killer cop and continues to keep them on staff.

As we continue to organize and protest for justice we are pushing these demands:


  • Release the name of the officer(s) involved in the May 27th killing of Tony McDade.

  • Release all body cam and/ or dash cam footage related to the killings of Mychael Johnson and Tony McDade. This footage is of great interest to the public and must be immediately released.


  • Remove Lawrence Revell from his position as TPD Chief of Police. An unrepentant killer cop such as Revell cannot be trusted to contain police brutality in his own department, especially in cases of fatal police violence. His handling of Mychael Johnson’s murder by two-time killer cop Officer Zackri Jones demonstrates this. Remove Revell immediately and begin a new search for Chief of Police.

  • Remove Reese Goad from his position as City Manager. Tallahassee residents already frequently call for his removal because his corruption is blatant and has been well-known for years. Most recently, his closed-door, nepotistic process to install killer cop Lawrence Revell as Chief of Police was an affront to Tallahassee’s Black working class neighborhoods that Revell terrorized through the 1990’s, and further eroded public trust in local government. Chief Revell’s opaque and insensitive handling of Mychael Johnson’s death by two-time killer cop Officer Zackri Jones affirms our community’s discomfort and anger at Reese Goad’s appointment of Revell to Chief of Police. It’s been too long coming; Goad must go!

  • Implement an all-elected Civilian Police Accountability Council. The police in Tallahassee should no-longer be permitted to kill and harass with impunity. We are calling for a democratic elected board free of police influence with power over TPD including the ability to investigate misconduct and punish officers.


  • Indict TPD Officer Zackri Jones as well as the officer who killed Tony McDade. History has shown us that the secret grand jury process is a ruse which only serves to keep killer cops out of court and to keep the public in the dark. Mychael Johnson and Tony McDade deserved due-process, not to be extra-judicially murdered.

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